Wildlife Photography Inspiration

To get inspiration for taking photographs of dogs for my project, I decided to look at the works of Craig Jones and his wildlife photography collection.

As animals can be quite unpredictable in the manner of you don’t quite know what they will do next, so timing and getting in the right position and waiting for the perfect composition is key. In this selection of his photographs, you can tell a lot of patience and planning has gone into each one.



Landscape Photography Inspiration

I chose to look at the works of Charlie Waite to provide inspiration for the type of photographs that I want to take to include within the project. The use of the clouds within this collection of his photographs provides a setting in which sets the tone and mood for the photograph.

Each one above focus’ on a key point, which allows a viewers eyes to be drawn into the scenery further in the photographs.

Also, the occasional use of animals going about their day-to-day within his work was something of great interest to me as I plan to use dogs within some of the photographs that I take.