Logo Development

logo_sketches.jpgHere is a selection of the initial sketches that I did whilst thinking of the branding for the website. For the logo, I want it to be eye-catching for dog owners of all ages, and be appropriate to be used for online and print based marketing.

After sketching some initial ideas down, I decided to create a digital version of them before getting some feedback from local dog owners to see which one proved to be most popular.

After creating digital mockups of what the logo could be, I asked 14 local dog owners, with ages ranging from 20-74, to choose one they thought would be most appropriate to be used to represent the website across any branding/marketing used.





After receiving the feedback from the above selection of draft logo ideas, it was clear that the most preferred was that of the bone connected with the heart. I believe with some refinement (such as changing the text colour to white), this logo would successfully be able to represent the Fido Fitness brand, linking the idea of having healthy bones from the right amount of exercise will lead to a dog having a healthy heart.


The logo created will be used across all branding on the website, social media and any print marketing that is produced to create a uniformed brand image, that can be easily recognised and be adjusted to fit any future platform.


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