Website Wireframe

The wireframe that I created for the proposed website outlines what pages will be included, with indications to what pages will be included and how they will all link together within the architecture of the website. Within this wireframe, I have given insight into the range of functions that will be available, such as where each link will direct the users to when selected showing the effect of different scenarios on the display.

Throughout this initial process, I have adopted an iterative process in terms of what I chose to include, filtering out anything that proved unnecessary in regard to the successful delivery of the project within the specified time.

In terms of the information design, I have outlined the initial placement and prioritisation of the information presented in a manner that will be easy to be understood by users of any age to facilitate understanding of the website, in order to provide clear communication of the information produced. I have kept in mind the goals and the tasks of the user in the process of displaying the information on the screen.

In terms of the interface design, I have outlined and arranged the elements to enable users to interact with the functionality of the website. The goal of this is to facilitate usability and efficiency as much as possible.

In terms of the navigation design, I have demonstrated how a user would navigate through the website, showing the relationship between the links that it contains so users will be able to understand the options available to them when navigating through the website.

Load Website (Splash Page)

  • Route 1: Create an Account Page

– My Account Page

– Fitness Overview Page

– Nearby Walks Page

– Community Page

  • Route 2: My Account Page

– Fitness Overview Page

– Nearby Walks Page

– Community Page




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