Update to Idea Following Feedback

Although I was fairly happy with my previous idea of an interactive photography walking website for dog walkers, I thought I would develop the idea to provide a more useful set of information for dog owners on the fitness of their dog and then provide them on tailored photographic walks in their area.

I now aim to produce an interactive website where owners can create a personal profile that monitors and aims to improve the fitness of their dog, leading to a healthier and hopefully longer life for their pet.

The feedback that I got for this update to my idea was overall very positive. The idea of being able to monitor how much exercise their dog was getting alongside what it should be having would prove to be a useful tool in determining how much of a healthy lifestyle a dog was leading. The idea of also getting information on walks nearby where the most suitable for each dog also went down very well, with dogs needing a variety of different forms of exercise it is sometimes difficult for dog owners to know what is best for their four-legged friend.

In terms of what could be added to improve it, a feature that could track where you had been and rate each walk so that other dog walkers could see how a walk compares with another if they are visiting an area for the first time. This is something that I like the sound of and will aim to incorporate into my final idea.


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