Workshop 1 – Establishing Ideas

This first term of the course is all about generating ideas for the end of year graduate show, and in this introductory workshop it was all about thinking around the current ideas that we currently have.

As a starter, we were asked to think about the different technologies that were available, and which of those maybe we would feel most comfortable taking forward to produce some form of digital media artefact. As I have a keen interest in graphic design and photography, my initial idea was to create some form of mobile application that could act as a trail for walkers to follow based on photographs from other users, all based on a vector trail map which would be updated in time with walks all over the country.

We were then told to reflect on the past 3 years of the course and identify any lessons learnt from previous projects, so that we could avoid making them in the last few months of the course. The main point that I identified from my past projects was that I tended not spend a lot of time in the developmental stage in the creation of ideas with testing at re-iteration of concepts, usually rushing in and making one of the first things that I thought of and having to stick with it for the duration of the project. Looking forward to this last project, I plan to spend more time in the planning stages of design iteration so that I can create the best possible outcome for my project.

For the last section of the workshop, we were split into groups for initial critiquing of our ideas and were told to be as honest as we could to best possibly help each other identifying potential problems with our project ideas. Although this seemed pretty horrible on the first workshop back, it actually proved a really useful way in identifying issues with our ideas now, rather than finding out a few months in time when we had nearly finalised them ready for next term.

Below are some of the  I received:

  • What is the unique selling point? What makes it stand out?
  • How are you going to filter the content?
  • How are you going to store so many photographs?
  • What if 3g/4g is limited in some of the areas included, how will people upload the photographs that they have taken?

With this, I can now develop my idea with these issues in mind overcoming what may have been more of an issue a few months down the line. In the next few days I am going to look at how I can refine my idea using that critique.


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