Move’m Internship

If you were wondering why I have been a little inactive on this blog recently, for the past 3 months I have been undertaking a Internship at the company Move’m. A student housing review platform, run for university students to review their accommodation to give future tenants insight into what it is like to live in the property before signing anything. I was initially taken on with the title of  Creative Executive, to design a series of print and digital marketing materials. As the weeks went by I also was able to get involved with other various marketing campaigns including a video production shoot for a promotional film including the internet star the ‘wealdstone raider’.

Below is a selection of the design briefs that I completed during my time at Move’m:

  • Coasters | I designed and produced a series of coasters which were sent out to all the major university city clubs and bars. As I was given complete creative control over what could be included on each one, I eventually decided to focus on outlining the expectation vs reality of being a student.



  • Roll Banner | I designed and produced a roll banner that will be taken along to any university events or stalls the company runs to promote the website and provide useful contact information.


  • Premium Brochure | I designed and produced a brochure to be handed out to estate agents to explain who the company is, how the website works, how reviews are changing industries, who the company currently works with and a guide to the new premium service that is launching.


  • Blog Graphics | I worked alongside the Content Executive Intern to design and produce a series of vector based graphics to complement the various blog posts which were posted on the website.








During this 3 month internship I believe that I have acquired a number of skills to take forward with me. Not only have I had experience of working in a professional environment, I’ve been able to put into practice the skills I have developed over the past few years to produce high-quality print and digital products to real word briefs.


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