Initial Group Presentation

Salisbury Cathedral Map on iPhone 6Today we pitched our two responses for the brief for the rest of our peer group, giving the client a chance to have an option to select in what component they want us to create for the mobile application.

The first idea that we pitched was that of an interactive map which could be used to navigate around the cathedral providing information in each section for visitors. The aim is for it to be initially an information based app that revolves around a mapping system designed to show users the layout of Salisbury Cathedral and guide them through the location by splitting the cathedral up into sections. Different sections will have objects/parts that will be available through an augmented reality; by the use of their devices you will be able to view parts of the cathedral in the manner it was displayed in the past.

mini_game_on_iphoneThe second idea was that of a treasure hunt around the cathedral aimed at a younger audience of 8 – 12 year olds. A mini game based around finding answers to questions about the Cathedral and Magna Carta exhibition. The app will ask questions regarding more obvious physical artifacts and points of interest around the Cathedral to encourage them to engage with what they see around them. When individuals answer questions they will be awarded points according to the speed at which they achieve a correct answer and this will then determine their ‘rank’ in a pre-determined leaderboard system made up of various social classes from the time the Magna Carta was created – e.g. Baron, King, Peasant etc according to their score – incentivising individuals to do better and engage more closely with the Cathedral and exhibition.

The response that we got back from the first idea was overall positive being that it would be a good idea to act as a ‘vital guide’ for visitors that didn’t want to commit to a full tour with a ‘human’ guide available on arrival.

FEEDBACK UPDATE FROM SALISBURY CATHEDRAL – This shows key areas where Magna Carta exhibit is displayed with basic information. This may not be geolocated due to the issue with GPS signal but could still be interactive  – ie you get to the cloister and tell the map you are there – then it gives you some information.


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