Design Guidelines

Since I am working on a live brief, for a real client, there are specific guidelines that have to be followed in order to create something that will fit in with the rest of the marketing material used. Before I start with the ones that I have for this project, I thought it would be good to explain what things I mean when I talk about design guidelines.

Everything that is designed for a brand, has certain things they have to stick at to maintain the overall theme/look that is needed. Take iOS for example, there guidelines are:

  • Deference. The UI helps people understand and interact with the content, but never competes with it.

  • Clarity. Text is legible at every size, icons are precise and lucid, adornments are subtle and appropriate, and a sharpened focus on functionality motivates the design.

  • Depth. Visual layers and realistic motion impart vitality and heighten people’s delight and understanding.

[Read Full Version Here]

These are the thing’s that Apple developers need to follow to maintain the look and appeal that iOS offers. It looks at how the content in interacted with, how assets such as text appear and the way in which it makes what message is being conveyed is given a sense of life as opposed to be something monotonous and not add to the user experience.

As we are taking over from another design agency that is usually the main designers for the cathedral they have provided what they have interpreted as a starting point for us to use.

Graphics Inspiration: The inspiration for graphics started with a look into the heritage behind the Magna Carta to find appropriate colours and textures and symbols to link it to that period of history.

King John's Seal

Medieval ManuscriptsSalisbury Cathedral Symbol

[Above: King John’s Seal, Medieval Manuscripts and symbol outcome]

The symbol that was produced was created combining the seal and the gold leaf from the manuscripts. It is a distinctive visual identifier that is used throughout the exhibition and media outlets. So this in mind it should be used at least somewhere on the mobile application.

Salisbury Cathedral Colour PaletteSalisbury Cathedral Colour Combinaitions

Typography and Colour: To firmly root the exhibition in the 21st century, contemporary typefaces are currently used that contain clean and easy to read characters. The colours are not just associated with the heritage but they also work with the fabric of the building.

With this it will help us to create a mobile application that one add to the experience, but will also make it look visually part of Salisbury Cathedral and the Magna Carta exhibition instead of just being a freestanding product.


– Apple, 2015., iOS Human Interface Guidelines: Designing for iOS [online]. Available at: [Accessed On: 22 February 2015].

– Haley Sharpe Designs Salisbury Cathedral Design Guidelines Document.


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