Mood Board Presentation and Group Allocation

Today, was the deadline for creating a moodboard with the individual initial idea’s that we had been preparing for the past couple of week’s. The main purpose for this task was so that we could be sorted into group’s depending not just our idea’s for the mobile application and the component that we wanted to work on, but also so that each one could show what role within the group we wanted to undertake for the project.

The idea that I had was to create an interactive map of the cathedral highlighting the different exhibits it has on show. The idea was first thought as a possible component for the mobile application of when I was handed a leaflet upon entering the cathedral which contained a map and some key points of ‘Things to See’. Not only would this have an environmental and economic impact, due to less paper based flyers having to be printed, it will also provide a platform so the exhibits can become a more interactive experience than they have been in the past making it more appealing to someone of a young age. As mentioned before, I would like it contain a variety of different media forms (video, photography, mini-game’s, text translations). Below is the moodboard that I presented:

Salisbury Initial Moodboard

The main focus of today was to be sorted into the group’s that we will be working with on this project. To anyone who was not at the ‘sorting’ session, this would seem a relatively easy process. However, with around 50 people in Level I of DMD this was not the case.

Taking into account we all had to look at everyone’s idea’s it was a slightly rushed and not very accurate process, but it started of by people nominating themselves to be the project manager and as I role that I had undertaken before on a few projects and had rather positive review’s on I stepped up to the challenge. 10 project manager’s later we had the starting point’s for each of the group’s. The next stage was for the remaining 40 or so remaining DMD’ers to allocate themselves to a project manager that had a similar project or idea to themselves. This was a rather daunting thought and all the project manager’s waited around and hoped that at least someone would like their idea/want to be in their group. Luckily this worked out okay and each group had between 3 and 6 members and with a little re-shuffling the groups were all sorted.

My group consists of:
Oli Evans (Lead Designer)                                                        Alex Robert (Designer)
Oli Evans' Mood BoardAlex Robert's Mood BoardAsh Spry's Mood Board

Mood Board Jake Watts

Ash Spry (Designer/Coder)

Jake Watts (Lead Coder)

The next stage of the project is to have the first group meeting to decide on two ideas that we want to pitch to RedBallon next week.

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