Salisbury Cathedral Trip

salisbury_cathedral_4A few hours ago the Level I DMD’ers returned from the initial trip to Salisbury Cathedral. Although the weather was not on our side, we had a tour of the cathedral and an chance to ask any questions to the client we are working for. It also gave us a chance to start gathering any assets we may need, such as photographs, and information of the site we will be working with.


Although the Magna Carta exhibition wasn’t ready for us to have a look at we were briefed on what it will contain and how an application could work best alongside these. We also found out that there will be WiFi installed on site so that people can connect and download the application even when users arrive for their visit. The cathedral gets a lot of school children visiting so creating an application they can use may be a good thing to look into.


The trip also gave me a few ideas to how I could update my initial ideas and gave me focus towards the target audience of children through to young adults, but also be suitable for people of a older age to use. I was able to gather some photographs during the trip that I hope will be able to be implemented into the final component of the application.

The next stage of the project is to present our personal ‘moodboard’ idea’s to everyone so that we can be sorted into group’s based on our personal preference to what component of the mobile application we want to create.


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