How Technology is Changing Museum Experiences

After doing some research for the Applied Design unit I am currently undertaking at university, I had a thought to how much technology has had an impact on museums experiences. Before the rise of use of technology, visiting museums was a very different experience to what we have available to us today. In modern museums, technology is used in multiple ways, whether this be through a personal mobile device (e.g. phone or tablet) or through interactive screens and displays onsite.

Technology can be seen as being intrusive if insensitively implemented into museum exhibits and if they take away your time from actually viewing what is actually there to see. I’ve seen examples in the past where you have needed to spend time on a mobile devices to navigate around and in my personal opinion I would want to go to a place of learning to get away from these modern day distractions, to get away from the constant notifications of social media and games, and learn something the old fashioned way.

Technology can however be used to enable a user to contextualise the artefacts they are viewing. Take the science museum (my all time favourite), it has interactive stations to which you can learn about various things in a practical environment. It engages the younger audiences, to may not pay much attention to the surroundings if they were not in place.


– Alixashermansep, 2011. How Tech is Changing the Museum Experience [online]. Available at: [Accessed On: 14 February 2015].


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