Visual Communication

As we start this new project, today we were being taught the importance of visual communication as part of the design process. By definition, visual communication is the conveyance of idea’s and information that can be used as a graphical guide for designers and coders alike to follow. The evaluation of a good visual communication design is based on comprehension of what the audiences takes from it, not on a personal or artistic impression.

There are a variety of visual aids thats can be used to get idea’s across (e.g. models, graphs, maps, tables, photographs, drawing’s/diagram’s) and an even wider variation to the methods that these can be displayed (whiteboard, posterboard, handout’s, video’s, presentation’s).

For today’s seminar we were asked to create a visual initial response to the brief outlined last week and present it to the rest of the group. My idea that I pitched was that of a interactive map and guide. To replace (to an extent) the paper-based ones that are handed out on arrival to Salisbury Cathedral. If geo-location technology is available to be used on site, the map would give you an indication of your location inside as well as displaying a variety of media (videos, mini-games such as trivia questions, photographs and text such as translations of the Magna Carta document into a few different languages).

Initial App Idea

Overall the response that I received from my peers were overall positive, with the only real issue being the fact that it may not be possible to use geo-location technology due to not being able to attach things to the current infrastructure of the building (understandably). If this is the case, when I present a moodboard next week of my final initial concept I can add an alternative method of the working of the application.

For next week, we have been asked to create a moodboard of our final initial idea so that we can be put into group’s with people that want to create similar component of the mobile application.


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