Workshop 1 Extension – ‘Swipe’ Feature

Today I decided to see if I could add a ‘swipe’ feature to the mobile application we created during the first workshop this week. Although this will be a short post as I already have the app created, I thought I would upload the changes I made just to show how easy it is to add the recognisable features from the iOS operating system.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 13.42.16

To create the ‘swiping’ feature in xCode I used the inbuilt ‘Swipe Gesture Recogniser’ from the list of features that gives you the ability to how you control how an app is viewed or navigated.

I then linked up the function in the ‘ViewController’  and adjusting the code that I had used previously for the buttons, in a few short step’s I now have an app that can be navigated though the common ‘swipe’ feature on iOS.

Although I didn’t really add that much to the overall purpose of the application, I was able to see how easy it is to replicate common practices of iOS giving me quite a big boost of confidence when it comes to coming up with ways of creating applications for this platform.


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