Interactive Installation (Initial Testing)

Below is the first version of my interactive installation in action, even though at this stage, it’s not that exciting, it’s the first stage of actually creating something using the skills I have learnt in the past semester of workshops in Processing. At this stage, the camera detects the user is there, and when movement is detected, an outline is created and moves with the user. Creating this was rather tricky as I wanted to only show the outline when any movement is detected, so with a little research I discovered the ‘prevFrame’ function which allowed me to update the canvas to show the previous frame when movement is detected from the camera. To make it simpler for myself to understand, when coding it, I separated it into labeled steps so that at any point I lost track or had any issues I would know which step to look in.

Step 1 – What is the 1D location?
Jade Lauran Design


Step 2 – What is the current colour?
Jade Lauran Design


Step 3 – What is the previous colour?
Jade Lauran Design


Step 4 – Compare Colours (previous vs current).
Jade Lauran DesignStep 5 – How are the colour’s different?
Jade Lauran Design

This initial testing was a very useful stage of the project, as I was able to check that the outline was only shown if movement was detected by the camera. It also got me to see that with not much coding knowledge I was able to create something that can be interacted with just movement.

My next steps for this project is to make text display when movement is not detected so that people will have an understanding of what it is from a distance. I also want to add in the ‘saveFrame’ function and get that to show the same frame on screen for approximately 5 seconds.


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