Canary Wharf Interactive Installation

So a week ago in London, Canary Wharf set up a ‘Winter Festival of Winter Lights’, a series of 10 light-based interactive installations that were aimed to engage passers-by and get them to stop using these areas as spaces between where they work, shop and commute.

Canary Wharf Interactive Installation

I think its a great place to put this as it stems away from the traditional atmosphere this place usually has, taking it from a serious workplace to an environment where people can relax and interact with their surroundings.

Away from traditional artwork that has been in similar environments, making it interactive will get people more interested in taking time out to look as they are interacting with it, opposed to just looking, people feel as if they are part of the exhibit on display.

This is a great example which I can look at to aid towards my current interactive installation project at university. It shows me how what I am creating now, is not too dissimilar to what goes on ‘in the real world’ making me think that I’m quite lucky having the opportunity to be able to have a go at this in a real environment myself.

Read more on the official website, here.


– Bennett, N., 2015. 10 Interactive Artworks Light Up Canary Wharf[online]. Digital Arts. Available From: [Accessed On: 13 January 2015].


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