Interactive Installation (Prototype Results)

What I found from this prototyping is that the controls are easy to understand as everyone that I tested it on understood that it is going to be built to be controlled by user movements. It was slightly difficult to make a paper prototype for this, and show what would really happen in use, as because there is no one linear way to navigate, users can act in any way they want, to get the end result but it provided some useful feedback and guidance going forward.

As a result of the prototyping, I have decided to change a few small aspects of the design. When the camera detects no movement, it will display a message, such as ‘Do you know that you are probably being traced online?’, to attract users over to it. The next stage is to now build the first version of the interactive installation so that I am able to test it in the actual building that the final version will be displayed in.


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