Autumn and Winter Photography

Jade Lauran DesignWith December already underway, I thought I would post some of the photographs that I have taken over the past few weeks. This first one was slightly more abstract than the usual photographs I take, or would consider sharing but with this one it is more of the memory with it. After spending the summer back home in Kent, this was my first night back at Bournemouth beach with my trusty Sony NEX 7 camera.

Jade Lauran Design

Jade Lauran Design

These next two were taken during a trip to Hyde Park in London. Especially will all the leaves around, it turned into a great autumnal walk. Inspired by @mrbenbrown, and his leaf photograph from a recent trip to Canada, I couldn’t resist this opportunity. The one featuring a rather photogenic bird, I was also testing out my new zoom lens that I had just bought, and I was impressed with the detail that was saved from a fair distance.

Jade Lauran DesignRecently on the South West coast, we have been blessed with a few stunning sunsets, and probably put up a few from various locations but I thought I would just put up one of my favourites which was taken on the West Undercliff Promenade, overlooking Bournemouth Pier. I’m still in slight disbelief in how amazing they were, especially for a chilly November day.
Jade Lauran DesignThis next one was taken on a trip to Southampton a few days ago, apart from being rather cold, it was cool to see a part of the country that I had never been to before. After realising we couldn’t actually get to the spot we were originally aiming for, we aimed towards the docks and continued walking until we were told we could go no further.


As always, I will be posting more photographs on my Instagram, @jadelaurdesign, in the coming weeks.


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