Processing Workshop – 5

…REWIND. The past few weeks, the majority of us in the Processing workshops have been struggling to keep up with the demonstrated examples, and with everyone starting from different coding levels this was to be expected. So today, instead of being in workshops based on our seminar groups, we got to choose what workshop we wanted to attend, based on where we were at with Processing. I, along with the majority chose to go back, not to the beginning, but to take a few back and try and learn it in a slightly different way.

Jade Lauran Design

So in this worksop, we were set and basic task and then left on our own, or in small groups to complete it. I found this to be a much better method of teaching as, with help from Processing’s reference guide I was able to complete the task within a matter of minutes and for the first time understood exactly how what I was typing was being relayed onto the output.

The task we were set was to load an image onto the canvas, then output the pixel colour of a specific location on-screen. After a quick look at the reference guide, I had actually managed to complete the task with no additional help. It was only a small achievement but in terms of understanding what was going on, it was a big step in the right direction.
Jade Lauran GarstangWe where then instructed to use the remaining time to see what we could add to the code to improve its functioning. I decided to add the ‘mouseDragged()’ function, so that when a specific area of the map was selected, the colour of the pixel would be displayed in the rectangle. After getting that to work, I changed it to ‘mouseMoved()’ to that I didn’t have to click each time to view the colour. The only issue I had with this, was that due to looking briefly at the reference guide to see what the function needed to be for this action to appear, I had ignored my thought process behind of what I was typing, so what I was left with was the colour output was going through greyscale values between 0 and 255, in the rate of ‘+5’, when the mouse was moved. After changing the fill value to ‘c’, this fixed the problem.

And below is the end result…

Jade Lauran Design

I feel that now, I am much more confident about what I need to learn for this project, not only that I feel that I can now understand the process from having an idea and working that through with processing. Now that I am feeling much more confident with processing, I am going to continue having a look at the reference guide and see if I can code something different using this work process to see what I can create off my own back.


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