Carol Service Poster and Flyer

During the lead up to the Christmas season, I was approached by Lansdowne Baptist Church to create some publicity for their upcoming carol service for students. What they needed was a poster, that could be displayed around the local area including the university campus’, as well as a flyer that included a map of the local area to direct people to the service.

Before I started, I did a bit of research of ones that had previously been made and found that they tended to be relatively traditional, but not really eye-catching for the average student. I then decided that I should have a simplistc design with minimal distraction away from the message trying to be delivered.

I looked at different colours that I could use that would allow the text to stand out. After much deliberation I decided to pick warm colours to give out an ‘inviting’ feel to it, but also keep them similar to traditional Christmas colours. Creating the background was the most time consuming aspect, creating an array of colours with a variety of opacity, slightly resembling tree ornaments to match the ‘tree shaped’ typography I wanted to include to hold the main body of text.

To create the flyer, I used what I had created for the poster as the first side, to link the two publicity items together, and on the reverse side I created a map of the surrounding areas to act as directions for people to follow, adding recognisable landmarks form the area (to students, ASDA is the one of the main ones in Bournemouth). I tried to keep this relatively simple, but make sure the direction could be easily identified.

Below is the final design:

Jade Lauran DesignJade Lauran Design


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