Processing Project – Initial Idea

After finishing the ‘Dorset Campaign’ project, I thought it would be a good idea to start thinking about what I am going to create as the interactive installation to put within the media school building of Bournemouth University.

To start thinking about what I wanted to create, I had to think of a media concept or idea to which I could base it on and my initial thought links to a concept that I have been learning about, the presentation of oneself online, during my option theory unit ‘Cross-Platform Creativity’.

Erving Goffman, and his ‘Presentation of Self’ theory, in which he discusses about the ‘theatrical performance’ an individual will put on in order to give out a good impression to others. This, in a way, relates to how online, as users, we only present information that will gain some sort of positive response from the viewers (consumers). People present an ‘ideal’ form of themselves, to gain a sense of approval from others, such as when posting information onto social networking websites.

The idea that I came up to represent this, as outlined below, is that though camera interaction somehow altering some feature to highlight the idea behind the concept.Jade Lauran Design

A user would stand in front of the screen and camera they would appear, at first ‘normal’. Then, after a few seconds, something about their appearance would change, such as the colour of their t-shirt or ‘cartoon styled’ facial features.

To be able to achieve this, I am going to have to learn how to, if it is at all possible, using the processing programming language, to either change colour values picked up from the camera from one to another, or to be able to recognise different facial feature parameters.


– Goffman, E., 1959. The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life. USA: Anchor Books.


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