Dorset Campaign – Findings

Today we had to present to our peers what we had found out during this first design iteration. This was to show what we have learned in terms of the design process which we can take forward to the next stage.

[most walked paths through Weymouth House]

Jade Lauran DesignIn terms of the space we have to work with, we discovered that the television screens along with the screens directly behind were the most glanced at during the 20 minute window that we observed for. This is where we chose to place our poster near as based on our own perceptions while walking through the space. We also noticed that there is a range of activity going on meaning that not many people took notice if what was on the walls. This could have been that as the majority of people that walk through, do it on a regular basis meaning that as they have seen everything before, will not look unless something prominent is there.

In terms of the people that use this space tend to use it as a ‘drive through’ area for getting between lectures, seminars and workshops. Meaning that most people don’t spend too much time in this space unless they are just passing through.

We were also struck with the thought that as only students and lecturers that are part of the university’s media school go through the building on a daily basis may have had an effect on the results that we got. Also, it wasn’t the typical display so the attention that it did get may be due to being a offset from the other poster’s on display’s.

The design process methods that we used were that of  Markus & Mavers’s. This model suggests a continuous pattern of synthesizing designs, receiving the appraisal from a client which after as many rounds it takes leads to a final design being thought up. This brings up the idea that a designer can always adjust, change or alter in a continuous loop. This is what we had to do in our design project of creating a campaign to promote the fictional independence of Dorset. We had to go through many iterations of our design before we were happy enough to move forward with it. Even then we could still probably go back and improve the design of the poster further.


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