Processing Workshop – 3

Jade Lauran DesignFollowing on from the last workshop, this time we focused on creating ‘loops’ and ‘function arrays’. Using processing’s preset shapes to help build your own shapes and patterns using a variety of methods, I house outline which I could then take to develop further. Jade Lauran Design






I used the translate function to repeat the house to the width and height of the canvas. I also set the colour to switch between the colours on the colour pallet which I chose at the start. I then allocated the fill for each colour to switch between the four colours in each frame by using ‘fill(s[int(random(4))])’ command. I also had a play around with changing the opacity of the house object but decided to keep it so that it was a solid colour . Using a colour palette proved to be a useful feature as it allowed colours to be called instantly instead of continuously typing out and remembering multiple hex code values.

Jade Lauran DesignOn from the first stage of the workshop, it was then time to see what we could create by altering values and adding functions to make it our own. By using a ‘for’ statement, I changed the four rows of house’s to just one in a line. I then added a rotate so that it would spin of the named axis to make some spirals of the rotated row, and this is what I ended up with.Jade Lauran Design






After this workshop, I feel that I am starting to get to grips with the basic features of Processing and with a few more weeks I feel that I may be able to start building something of more significance that a row of spinning house’s, but it has been a useful few weeks to learn some of the basic’s which are essential for learning how to code the more complicated things, such as using camera’s and sensors to control what is on screen.


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