Dorset Campaign – Observations

Today we undertook the next stage of the design process, testing our design through observing the poster in a public space. People shadowing is the technique we used to gather our data. This meant observing people as they walked in the foyer of the university’s media school building.

Jade Lauran Design Jade Lauran Design

This task was to observe the contextual details that can influence a person’s behaviour as we found that people undertake many different tasks whilst being in that space; such as socialising, drinking hot beverages and just passing through to get to seminars and lectures. Undertaking shadowing at the start of a project like this one helps to get familiar with the situation and the behaviour of people. These observations can be a guide to reach the people that we want to get our message out too and possibly help guide us to the best possible solution.

What I found from this is that in this space, the majority people rush through, and only a few people actually looked towards our poster. This was slightly disheartening but also a good insight into what people actually pay attention to whilst in this space.

The results that I got today will be useful in thinking about the interactive installation that I have to create towards the end of the Designs Iterations unit. Although it was not the desired results that I achieved, they could have been affected by factors like the time of the day that we were observing so it may be a good idea to test it throughout different times to see when there is the most people walking through to maximise the audience.


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