Dorset Campaign – Testing

After a few rounds of the iterative design process we came up with a solid idea that we believe is a good shot at a political poster campaign. Jade Lauran DesignWe took a look at a few examples from the Scotland independence campaign to see if we could gain any inspiration. From this we discovered that the posters that stood out most to us were done using simple typography techniques, with a prominent statement that provoked some thought to stick into people’s minds. We thought that this would be a good idea for us to choose, also seeing that everyone else had gone for imagery,we thought it would stand out from the others.
After looking at some statistics, we discovered that the most obvious thing to promote was the high employment rate of Dorset compared to the rest of Britain. Using simplistic typography we chose different colour’s and styles to make the key information to stand out from the rest and also to be able to be read and understood from a distance.

Jade Lauran Design

The next stage in this process is to test this out in the ground floor of the media school at Bournemouth University, using observation techniques that we were taught about during a seminar  last week. This is also where our final interactive installation will displayed towards of the unit.


– Pringle, B. 2014. A Selection of Recent YES! Campaign Materials. [Accessed on: 14 October 2014].


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