Processing Workshop – 2

Jade Lauran Design Jade Lauran Design





In this workshop, we stepped up with difficulty, using function’s to allow the user to control what is shown on screen. We started off by controlling where in the frame we wanted to draw colour, and then progressed onto only drawing when either the left or right mouse button is clicked, this was achieved using ‘if’ statements. Using integers, we were then able to make the colour change randomly, and then change the size and loops after a specific number of frames.

This is when I truly got a insight on the capabilities on this programming language, and that it is not too difficult to code interactive platforms. Even though it was a simple bit of code, it has got me to start thinking on how I can use this to create my own interactive installation.

Jade Lauran Design Jade Lauran Design Jade Lauran Design










Jade Lauran DesignIn the second part of the workshop, we looked at repeating objects within the space. We looked at how to simply repeat objects and give them a random fill in each frame. We also looked at the rotation of objects and how it can be used to create visual artwork. For an extension task we have been set about, using what we have learnt so far to create our own piece of visual art using this programming language in processing.






By changing the opacity levels it led to more abstract art being created which was a great way to see how the different way that Processing used aside from just creating further programmes.



Jade Lauran DesignThe ‘mousePressed’ function gave the output a operation that I found to be similar to Microsoft Paint. This help me to identify that behind these programmes, there is hundreds of lines of code that allow a user to control what appears on screen at a touch of a button.

Although I am enjoying creating this visual artwork through code, I am finding learning the different functions and how they work together slightly tricky. This may be because I don’t have much programming in my background but I am keen to stick at it to see what new skills I can learn from it.


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