Dorset Campaign – Reflection

Jade Lauran DesignDuring the week we met up as a group to discuss possible changes to our idea. We wanted some sort of imagery that represent Dorset as being an essential part of Britain. After some time we came up with the idea (below) of representing Dorset as being the engine of a car. We thought that this would give the idea that Dorset, through many different factors, is the ‘driving force of Britain’.

However, when presenting this idea we were faced with issues with the idea that we had not thought of between ourselves, that we were completely contradicting what we were campaigning for. Our peers pointed out that although the concept was good, they thought that it could be misinterpreted as being that Dorset is an essential part of Britain meaning that we should in fact stay together.

After feeling slightly disheartened at the fact that what we thought was a good idea, we were glad to have found out then before pitching our final poster idea. In the next few days we plan to meet together again to see if we can make this idea fit more with the brief or to start afresh.


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