London Instagrammers

Jade Lauran DesignYesterday I was invited along to a Instagram meet-up hosted by @london. The event started with a complementary press pass to go up the  ArcelorMittal Orbit. Although the weather wasn’t the best I was determined to get some good photographs from the day.

As I stepped out of the lift (I wasn’t prepared to climb the stairs) I was confronted with a view over the 2012 Olympic Stadium. Although it looked vastly different from when events where being undertook, it was interesting to see the changes that were being made.

I was confronted by views of over 200 miles stretching over London city. Although the clouds and rain took away slightly from the photographic look that I wanted to get I was determined to make the best out of the situation and get some good shots. After spending some significant time there, we opted to try and wait out the rain inside Westfield’s shopping centre. After coming to an agreement that the rain wasn’t going anywhere, we rejoined the group and visited various 2012 Olympic venues such as the Copper Box and the Lee Valley VeloPark.

Jade Lauran Design Jade Lauran Design Jade Lauran Design

Jade Lauran DesignAbove are a few of the photographs that I took on the day. My favourite being the Olympic rings due to the fact you can just see the blue sky in the background, after being soaked all day this was very welcomed!

Follow me on Instagram @jadelaurdesign to see more photo’s from the day.


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