Processing Workshop – 1

This first semester back at Bournemouth University is all about creating a interactive installation, using the open source programming language and integrated development environment Processing. Being someone who has little coding experience, I was keen to get learning how to create visual art through lines of code.

During the first workshop it was all about learning the basics of creating an environment to work with and the possibilities that it has in the digital world. Before the beginning of this year I hadn’t heard of this programming language so I did a bit of research so that I knew what I was going to be learning. To gain some insight on how others had used it, I looked at which is a collection of some of the work created. This proved to be highly motivational as I was intrigued to find out how it was possible to create some cool artwork.

Below is what I ended up with from the workshop. I have found my initial experiences with this programming language to be quite positive, and I am surprised with how much I understood of what I learn’t within two hours. Although what I created is extremely basic, I believe that these basic foundations will hopefully build up as the weeks go by. I am looking forward to seeing the possibilities of what can be created, and to how I will use this to create my assessment piece in the next few months.

Jade Lauran Designscreenshot

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