Design Iterations

This first semester is all about learning about design processes and how different people will react/understand the graphical information you present to them. To do this we have been set the task of creating an interactive installation to be displayed within the media school building of the university. Each week we will be given tasks that will help us to be familiar with the design process cycle of testing each design idea before and evaluating at each stage to deliver the final product.

The first design task we have been given is to try to get us thinking about not just the final output but instead concentrate on evaluating initial ideas; not just jumping into a computer and designing the very first thing we think of.

Jade Lauran Design

This iterative process may be applied throughout the development of a new product development process and can be applied to the field of design. It is commonly used in the development of computer interfaces as it allows designers to identify any usability issues that may have slipped through before it is put out for real use. Even the best designers don’t design the perfect finished product in the fist attempt so this process is key in identifying areas that could be improved.

This is the design process that I am going to be using over the next few months leading up to my assessment of creating a interactive installation using Processing, this will be done through a series of short design projects and guidance from our lectures and seminars during this first semester of the year.


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