Summer Photography

During the summer I spent a lot of time with my camera round my neck, eager to get some good photographs from the various places that I visited. Although not leaving the UK, I was not short of places to explore and discover.

Jade Lauran Design

These first three photographs were taken at Lydford Gorge National Park. An approximately two hour walk featuring a waterfall at the half way point spotted a great chance for some natural photography. The weather could have been better, battling heavy downpours mixed in with strong rays of sunshine, and the rocky off-road terrain offered a challenging walk but by the end all I wanted to do was visit it again.

Jade Lauran Design

Jade Lauran Design

This second place has to be one of the most picturesque places I have ever visited. This was the town of Clovelly in North Devon. With stunning views and a steep cobbled pathway leading down to the harbour, it was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was the kind of place where there is too much for two eyes to take in so decided after a while to put the camera away and  just take it all in instead, something I should probably do more often.

Jade Lauran Design clovelly_08_14_02 Jade Lauran Design Jade Lauran DesignAlthough I visited other places during the summer, I thought I would write about these in future posts to not overload you with hundred of photographs at once. I will also be uploading more to my Instagram @jadelaurdesign and it would mean a lot if you would check them out.


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