Phone Case Design

As a summer project I set out to design some quirky phone cases which would incorporate three different design practices; research, design and implementation.

Being a regular Instagrammer, I one day came across a young graphics designer who had started her own company selling phone cases, notebooks and pocket-mirrors. This was Polly Vadasz and her online brand of Sighh Designs. I liked the variety of the products available and they all had really relatable quotes on such as a phone case with ‘I’m not taking a Selfie’ which reminded me of some friends who are always Snapchatting selfies while out and about. Below is a few examples of her work.

Sighh Designs

Jade Lauran DesignAfter having a look at few more designers, such as Happy Jackson, I was ready to begin designing my own range. At first I put some ideas down on paper, my main focus was on quotes that I liked or part of well known song lyrics.

To implement my designs I used Adobe Illustrator to transform it into a digital format, I decided on pastel colours to complement the design. After finishing that stage I used Blender to create  3D models of an iPhone 5. This stage was quite a long process making sure the dimensions were accurate and creating the camera hole but in the end I think my patience was rewarded with iPhone 5 models that I can now use for future projects.

I am quite happy with how the designs have turned out. Even though the actual design on the cases could be more original, maybe personalised cases or a repeating pattern, the 3D models made in Blender turned out quite well and I will be hopefully able to use these in future design projects.

Jade Lauran DesignJade Lauran Design Jade Lauran Design Jade Lauran Design


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