YouTube Channel Artwork

Recently I have started work on my YouTube channel which has been laying bare for a few weeks, and to kick things off I wanted to create my channel artwork.

I wanted to incorporate the name of the channel alongside some words to describe what I am all about. At the same time I wanted it to be quite simplistic so I tried to keep the words down to a minimum.

For the background I used one of my own photographs with a purple filter, I thought the boat was a good connotation for exploration and the type of channel that I wanted to promote. The filter added a softer tone to the colours and made it a little different.

The colour scheme was the trickiest part of the channel art to get right, I started off with bright/bold colours, as for anyone who knows me will tell you this, to match with my personality. I however opted for the pastel colours as it looked more professional with the photograph.

Even though I have no content on my channel as of yet, I hope to in the next few weeks continue building up my profile and start uploading videos within the next few months. Please feel free to head over and take a look and subscribe to JadeDoesLife.

Jade Does Life YouTube Channel Artwork

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