Photoshop Tutorial – Creating Light Flares

Recently I have been missing the Photoshop tutorials that I was quite keen on last year, so I decided to get back into it this week.

I came across a tutorial on the Digital Arts website which I thought look quite interesting, and one which I could combine with a recent idea of mine of setting up a YouTube page comprising of technology unboxing/review videos alongside vlogs of things that I get up too to experiment with the different types of social media.

For the first few steps of setting up the basic lighting flares and background styles, I followed the tutorial quite precisely. However, once moving to the more interesting parts, I took over control and started to make it my own and worked a lot with creating my own custom brushes to use.

As this was the first time using the lighting feature in Photoshop, I am quite pleased with the results that I got. For future improvements I could try working with multiple light points to highlight different parts at the same time.

Jade Garstang Design

[finished result]

– Sasson, F. Photoshop Tutorial – Creating lens flares. Digital Arts [online] Available at: [Accessed on: 8 July 2014].


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