Long Exposure London Photography

On a recent trip to London, I decided to test out the long exposure feature on my SONY NEX 7 camera. At first I was a little confused with setting up the shot, and guessing what movement would occur in the shot 30 seconds into the future was a little tricky but after a few attempts I seamed to get the hang of it.

Due to the cost of coach travel, we decided that we was going to battle through 17 hours of walking/biking through the streets of London. In hindsight, this was not a great decision as by the 10th hour we had burned out all our energy but we was determined to get some good shots whilst there, so we powered on visiting landmarks such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and Canary Wharf.

Below is a small selection of the long exposure shots that I took on the day, overall I am quite pleased with my results as it was my first attempt of this kind of photography.

london_06_14_3 london_06_14_5london_06_14_7london_06_14_6london_06_14_4 london_06_14_2


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