Collaborative Project – Presentation

So today we had the big presentation to pitch our comedy blap idea to all our peers and university tutors. With only one slight technical problem, which was sorted rapidly, it all went very smoothly. We opened with a rhymes explaining our idea which was well written and presented by our great scriptwriter Gemma Grange. We then showed the ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ video which went down very well and people found the footage funny, which was a good thing seeing as it was supposed to be a comedy!

We then played the radio show which went down a treat. The audience found humour in recognising the various fairytale characters and seemed to  enjoy the concept. We all played a part the presentation in various ways, from navigating the website to discussing our idea. We closed with yet another rhyme presented by Gemma.

All the hours rehearsing for the presentation paid off and after a round of applause we settled back in our seats to relax and watch the remaining presentations. Afterwards we celebrated with a group photograph and a trip to the beach.

Photo 05-06-2014 04 53 54 pm

When we receive our marks and feedback from the university tutors I will let you know how we got on below.

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