Collaborative Project – Website Design

Another task of mine on this project, along with George Sadler and Libby Odai, was to create a website to hold the comedy blap videos. I started by gathering ideas from the group as to what they wanted the website to be focused on, and decided that we wanted to use the website to advertise the support group, from Georgie Lock (Goldilocks) herself. I then drew out some paper designs to be approved by the group, and with a few minor adjustments it was approved and then created. All the pages are responsive to fit all screen sizes including mobile and tablet devices.

1 This is the homepage, the colours are quite neutral to fit the idea of giving a support group feel. This page gives an welcoming from Georgie Lock to the support group. The image slider contains various images of all the characters. There is also links to the Facebook page (which already has over 100 likes in 48 hours), our Twitter and YouTube pages.

2The next page on the website is the ‘Sessions’ page. On this page features the three videos created for the comedy blaps brief: ‘Another Brick in the Wall’, ‘These Boots are Made for Walking’ and ‘I Want to Break Free’. Each video has a different coloured background to represent the featured character in each one.


 Hubbard’s Cupboard radio station is one of the strongest features of our concept so we have decided to have it’s own page on the website, along with it’s own Twitter page for people interact with and tweet Ol’ Mother Hubbard herself. This page includes the radio show that we recorded, as well as a logo that I designed to be included on the page.


The ‘Ask Georgie’ page is one of our interactive features on the website. Here the audience can ask Georgie Lock a question and she will provide with some friendly, or not so friendly, advice. As she can’t be online at all hours of the day this feature acts as a magic 8 type idea, where an automated response is given. Previous questions from the characters are also listed towards the end of the page.

5Success Stories features a short introduction  of each of the characters, including likes and dislikes a profile photograph and a personalised assessment from Georgie Lock. Each character is represent by a coordinating colour to make it more representative.

6This last page features some behind the scenes photographs so that viewers can have a look at some of the fun that happened behind the scenes of this project. We wanted people to enjoy our content as much as we enjoyed making it.


You can view the finished website along with our videos and radio show here.


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