Collaborative Project 2014 – Developing the Idea

The next stage was to come up with a concept that we could use, and with lots of help from the scriptwriters in the group (Gemma Grange and Ben Stylianou) we decided on two strong ideas that we would like to develop in the upcoming comedy writing workshop.

The first of these ideas is basing the blap’s around a Chinese takeaway restaurant. Basing our episodes playing of them contradicting and going against the stereotypes from society. The episodes would open with the breaking of a fortune cookie, which would be a pun on how the storyline would pan out. Each member of the family would have their own episode but the whole family and takeaway would be involved in all the episodes.

The second idea is set on popular fairy/folk tale characters after their ‘happy ever after’. The main concept behind this would be to put them in a support group where they share their ‘problems’ based on their original story. Each episode would be based on a characters turn in the support group session. They would explain their story, referring to their original tale in a comic way in relation to the problem that they had developed afterwards.

We decided that we would develop both of these ideas during the next few weeks and see which one comes out strongest and then decide on which one would be best to use. The next few weeks will involve finalising our idea and coming up with the final scripts in time for our filming slot.

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