Collaborative Project 2014 – The Beginning

Today we were introduced to the collaborative project of 2014. The main different with this project would be that for the first time this year we would be working within Bournemouth University’s Media School, with other students from Television, Scriptwriting and Radio.cblaps_logo2

Before we met our group, the project brief was presented to us. We was told that we will be working to a live brief set by Channel 4, to create a series of videos called ‘blaps’. These will be a small series of short comedy videos to be displayed on a responsive website, that can be viewed on all mobile devices.

After being told about the brief, we were then put into our groups and met each other for the first time. My group consisted of 3 people from Digital Media Design, four people from Television, 2 scriptwriters and 1 Radio student. Our first task was to allocate a project manager. As I had some experience in previous projects this year I decided to put myself forward for the role. We then established several mediums of communication so that we could keep in touch over the Easter break and start coming up with some ideas.

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