Portfolio Website

1Recently I have been working on my portfolio website to market my work in a contained space on the Internet. Before undertaking this task I had a look at some examples of digital media web portfolios so I could get some inspiration and to know what was normally expected to be found, such as a portfolio gallery and contact forms.

After deciding on the colour scheme and font styles for my portfolio I set about creating the splash page. My aim was to create a simplistic page, but I wanted to fit in a lot of content so that a viewer would instantly get a impression. To do this I added rollover links to my CV and to all my social media pages, from LinkedIn to my WordPress blog.


I then wanted to provide a short introduction about myself and I decided that I would do this in two forms, one by photography and another by a text summery. The photograph that I used was of myself during a sunset on Poole Quay. The reason that I used this one was because I wanted to put across an aspect of my personality, of that I am willing to reach to the sky to achieve my dream. The text that I decided to include was four words ‘stay creative, stay curious’. This is something that from a young age I have said to myself. To me, there is nothing more fulfilling than learning new things and being creative, whether this be through music or digital art, in day-to-day life.

3The next section for my portfolio website was the gallery of past work that I wanted to showcase. I wanted the viewers to be able to scroll not just through the small thumbnails on the screen to view the content, but also to open in to its full size and be fully immersed in what I had to show. After doing some research on JQuery plugins I came to the conclusion that the ‘Fancybox‘ one was the best as I could fully customise it to how I wanted using CSS and I could also display video content and Google Maps through it. After spending quite a bit of time figuring out the code that I was going to need I had it installed and it worked perfectly.

4Last but not least I added a contact form to my website so that people have the opportunity to get in touch if they so wish. To set this up I started with creating the basic form layout in HTML and then to get the email to be sent to me I used PHP.

Overall I was quite happy with the way it turned out and I feel that it represents me as who I am as a person and hopefully it provides a suitable platform for potential future employers to see a sample of what skills I have. The main thing that I would improve is on the gallery I would like to have separate sections for each area of digital media work that I undertake such as one for photography and one to display my 3D modelling work.

* Since working on the site I have found a way with the HTML code that will allow me to separate types of work for my portfolio so I will be updating it in due course.


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