Colour Focus Photography

aspen_mays_einstein_rainbowAs an extension of the photography mini brief set on the Digital Media Design Course I decided to undertake a colour focus task. I was inspired by several Pintrest pins that I saw which made me want to look a bit deeper into this technique.

The main idea behind these photos is to enhance part of a photograph with colour, with a black and white background.

I looked at how an an artist (Aspen Mays) had used bold colour to represent something greater than what the eye first sees. Each of the books used in the rainbow is a book from on Einstein’s theories.

[initial sketches]


To edit the photographs that I took around Bournemouth Square and Beach I used Adobe Photoshop as I am quite confident in using this software now so I knew the tools and skills that I needed before I started so I could concentrate on creating the image that I wanted.

I am quite pleased with the results that I achieved from this photo editing technique as the colours made the photograph stand out more than the original full-colour image. It also enhances a focus point in which a viewers eye is automatically drawn too.


[colour focus finished photographs]


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