Blender Tutorial – Glass Bottle, Lighting and Liquid

The first stage of this tutorial was creating the glass bottle. For this I started with a basic cylinder mesh shape and divided it into three sections to represent the 3 major adjustment point for the bottle. At each adjustment point I then changed the size so that it would have a defining shape, rather than just being a simple cylinder shape. To get smoother surface I used the blend feature to add more edges to the three main points I made at the beginning. I then repeated this process to create two more bottles to add to the final image. step_1The next step was to experiment with the lighting. This proved to be one of the more tricky aspects of a tutorial that I have encountered so far. I learnt some aspects regarding how and where to position, but I’m going to have to have a few more attempts at doing this before I am able to do it for my own projects in the future.

The final step was to add the liquid into the bottle, this was done by going into a new layer within the glass bottle. I selected the edge where I wanted the water to reach up, along with the bottom face, and selected ‘loop inner region’. I then duplicated this area and separated it from the outer layer. To create the water effect I added the material ‘glass’ and changed the IOR to 1.33.

One key thing I need to remember is too make sure that I am 100% happy with what is going to be rendered before hitting that important button as I found out after waiting 20 or so hours and having to complete the whole render process again! Below is what I finished with.glass_bottles

[the finished product]


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