Blender Tutorial – Glossy 3-D Text

Today I tried out using the free open-source software called Blender. I had not heard a lot about the software so I was curious to see what it would be like to use. My inspiration in learning about this software came from watching a short animation film, posted below, that was made entirely using this software.

I wanted to start off small to get to grips with the software so I set out creating so 3-D glossy text.  To get started I first downloaded the software onto my computer and found a relevant tutorial on YouTube that I could follow.

After a while of having an explore of the software I found that it was relativity easy to create 3-D objects, such as cubes and cones, but I was later to discover the difficulty in changing aspects such as adjusting the position of lighting which ultimately proved rather tricky and mostly about experimenting with different colours and positions. After I had completed the tutorial I was quite impressed with what I had managed to create in only an hour or so. This tutorial was very useful in learning some of the many keyboard commands that the software has and I am now very keen to learn some more techniques that the software has to offer especially animating the objects created.


[the finished product]


–  Little Web Hut, 2013. Blender Tutorial: Glossy Polished Text [video, online]. Available from: [Accessed on: 11 March 2014]


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