Kinetic Typography – Outcome

After a few hours of playing around with the software the below video is my attempt for this production task.

I feel that this brief has given me a vital chance to get to grips with the basics of After Effects, hopefully some that I will be able to use in the future as I enjoyed mixing different elements together and experimenting with the different usage of keyframes to control the animation.

[kinetic typography plan]


After completing this task I decided that I wanted to develop a new one based on a new soundtrack which would let me to demonstrate in a more effective way a piece of kinetic typography, using a more diverse range of technical skills. I thought that the set Gravity soundtrack was quite limiting to what could be done with it, it also was based on a conversation which was tricky to represent with words alone.

The new audio that I decided to use was the song ‘We Are Young’ by the band fun. for a lyric video because I thought that I could make more of a connection to the words on both screen and the audio and demonstrate some more technical skills with the After Effects software.

[the finished video]

After having an introduction to this piece of software and style of video design I feel that I can use this in future video production projects for a more professional end product. Thinking back to the channel brief project earlier this year, I think our video intros could have been of a more high quality and relevant to the company brand that we was promoting using this software and technique.


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