Photography Brief – Outcome

Below is the results that I got at the end of the two days we had working on the project. With each one I tried to be as creative with the letters as was possible within the time that I had with this brief. From this brief I feel that I have developed my awareness of being creative with the world around me, interpreting everyday objects into recognisable characters. It also taught me the importance of perseverance with a task as when I had found a few, it was more easier to be able to recognise letters around me.letter_montage

This task opened my eyes not only to other ways the surrounding can be taken in and processed with a complete new meaning just by the framing of a photograph, but also to the ways photographs can deliver a message to its audience. I hope to extend on this production method in the next few weeks as I found it a quite interesting way to represent the day-to-day world around us in a different way to how we would normally see it.


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