Photography Brief – Interpretation


After finishing the photography workshop we set off in pairs to undertake the task at hand. As I am currently living in Poole, I decided that this would be a good place to start as I thought the majority of people who head over to the beach over in Bournemouth to get their photographs and I wanted to capture something different. 

[capturing the shots in Poole Quay

Initially I did not know much about setting up shots and other technical aspects that comes along with taking a good quality photograph so I decided to pair up with Oli Evans, who is a keen photographer in his spare time, to take me through the basics to help me with the task at hand.

I first set off round the town centre to try and gain some inspiration for what I could photograph for each letter, after some time I realised that the surroundings were too commercial for what I wanted so I headed to Poole Quay where I was more successful in finding objects that could represent the letters of the alphabet. I here spent the next few hours trying to be as creative as possible, and avoiding taking any more photo’s of the letter ‘o’ as it seamed to be everywhere I looked!

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