Photography Brief – Description

This weeks brief was set around photography, something that I have been quite interested in but not yet had much experience in so this will give me chance to gain some insight into this area of digital media.

At 9am, we was given the brief of creating a series of photographs that represented each letter of the alphabet, we were then taught some skills that we may find useful for undertaking this task such as photo composition and framing of space. We then split into groups of two and three and headed to our scheduled workshop to get started.


During the workshop we used the open source software ‘Hugin’ to learn how to stitch together a series of photographs to create a panorama. The software was rather simple to use and created an effective panorama based on some pre-set images.

The next step now is to go out and do some research on objects that could represent the letters through photography and the adjust our cameras to take an effective photograph rather than using software such as Photoshop to edit them at a later point.


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