Animation Brief – Interpretation

To get started on this animation brief I initially looked at some tutorials for inspiration and to jog my memory on how to use flash. This proved very useful as I had not realised how long ago I had actually used the software so it was good to have a quick reminder before starting the brief.

The below animation is what I initially created to get to grips with using the software that I was going to need to use for the visual abstraction brief using a YouTube video tutorial on how to create the eye blink effect by Alphonso Dunn. Once I was more comfortable with the software I then set out to editing various sound clips to fit in time with the progression of the animation.


[test animation – click here to view with sound]

When I had done a few tutorials on using flash it gave me some inspiration to what I wanted to base my animation around and some ideas on how to generate my own visual abstraction using Flash. I then set on creating the animations for the brief. I put some of my designs down on paper so I had a guide to follow and that I didn’t go too far off track.


After using GarageBand for a bit I then decided to use the sound editing software Audacity as well so that I could add my own sound clips to the animations along with just a tempo behind the file.


To create the sounds that I wanted to use I found various copyright free sound clips online, such as from, and self recorded ones using various object around and used audacity to adjust the length and volume of each one to fit the animation.

Initially I found Flash quite tricky to use as I was not comfortable with the layout and the keyboard shortcuts used but as I spent more time with it I started to understand it much more and was mostly able to control the animation in a way that I wanted.

The main downside to this software is that Apple’s iPads and iPhones are not supported so this makes the software feel a little outdated as a significant proportion of digital media creators us these products as industry standard.


– Alphonso Dunn, 2012. Flash Animation Tutorial – How to create eyes & eye blink for cartoon character [video, online]. Available from: [Accessed on 18th February 2014].

– Draw with Jazza, 2012. Sound/Audio in Flash [video, online]. Available from: [Accessed on 18th Feburary 2014].


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