Animation Brief – Description

Following on from the animation workshop last week, today we were set the task of creating a series of short animations using Flash as part of the Design for Digital Media Environments unit to collaborate with some sound created in GarageBand. In terms of what topic it would be based on is very flexible which will be good to have the chance to design to my own preference.

My first step in this process was to design some ideas on paper to see what I wanted them to entail. I then thought of what possible sounds I could used to represent what is happening on screen.

As I only have a small amount of experience with Flash beforehand so I am looking forward to seeing what I can still remember and I will use the wide range of tutorials from various places, such as YouTube, to build up my knowledge of using the software. I also plan to work alongside some peers so that we can share our discoveries in the learning process to create our own animations.


[initial animation designs and notes]


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