Animation Workshop – 1


[initial drawings]

Inspired by George Horners Zoroscrope principle of ‘persistence of vision’ in today’s workshop we set about creating hand-drawn GIF animations.

We began by drawing recurring images on long strips of paper, slightly changing with each one.

We then tested what we had drawn in a similar model using mirrors for the field of vision to see if what we had done would work in the next step of the process.

 [loading animated GIF]


After testing we photographed each drawing and used various pieces of software, such as Adobe Premiere and Photoshop, to turn it into an animated GIF.

As I have not had much experience in creating animation before I was quite excited to get stuck into this workshop and I think that it taught me to appreciate how long it took animation artists to create what they have in the past and the commitment they must of had to the various projects they have been involved with.


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