Channel Brief Presentation

Today marked the end of the Channel Brief meaning that we had to present our finished website and videos to our peers. Overall we mainly had very positive feedback and most found our videos humorous which was an added bonus. On reflection we think that we should have talked more about creating the images used such as the the time watch and the making the  hoverboard as they were major parts of the production process.

Below are the videos that we made for the brief:





In this project I think I have gained many useful skills that I will hopefully be able to transfer to future group projects and later in working life. As I was the production manager for the project I was able to use my previous organisational and structuring skills to organise group meeting, create small production roles (such as the logo), create a filming schedule and direct and oversea the editing of the videos. I think we had very communication throughout the project as we spoke on a daily basic through dedicated pages in social networking sites to express various ideas and to raise any issues we was having throughout the productions process. I think that this project allowed me to develop my creative thinking skills when we had to come up with ideas for how we were going to present the information through the website and the videos and it also was insightful working alongside other people to create one common goal.


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